The abandoned house ‘Empty Cages’ (Poland)

It was a small red brick cabin near the road crossing one village in Poland. A brightly green ivy covering on the roof, lack of the doors, as well as holes in the windows, let assume that decay had already moved there and invited to have a look on the painful agony of this once beautiful house. Thus, there was nothing else to do but cross a wild jungle surrounding the building and enter its decaying walls.

The abandoned house ‘Empty Cages’ - 1.jpg

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The abandoned house ‘Pale Blueness’ (Subcarpathian Voivodeship, Poland)

The thing which made me cross kilometres of forests and fields of Subcarpathia (Poland) that time was a an abandoned Greek Catholic church in one remote village. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?), when I came, I didn’t find a key holder at home, so I decided not to waste time and explore the area around. That decision, no matter how quickly made, turned to be a great idea. It was enough to go along the road crossing the village and look around a bit to see an old abandoned cabin hidden among trees.

The abandoned house ‘Pale Blueness’ - 1.jpg

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The abandoned Slonim Synagogue (Slonim, Belarus)

A white decaying building surrounded by a huge blue fence – that’s what you can find in the centre of Slonim, a town in the northwestern part of Belarus. Its old massive walls suggest that once it was a great place and make it worth crossing a thick jungle of various plants surrounding the site.

The abandoned Slonim Synagogue - 1.jpg

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