A Fairytale Corner in the Mountains (Bukowina Tatrzańska, Poland)

It does not happen too often to see a place like this. An oasis of magic and surreality in the desert of ordinariness—that is probably the best way to describe this weird site, forcing to stop everyone who by some reason pass through the area where it is situated. Unusual decorations on the fence as well as some strange details visible behind it wake up the curiosity and invite to enter the gate.

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‘Belarusian Maldives’ (Vaukavysk District, Belarus)

The road leading to this place was destroyed. It’s strictly forbidden to enter that area and those who don’t care about the warnings surrounding the site risk to get a fine. All that is done to protect visitors from entering the place which is so beautiful that the will to go there can even kill.


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A Fairytale Garden (Dobczyce, Poland)

You can never know what is hiding behind high fences of possessions when you walk along the street – the same as it happened to me when passing through Dobczyce, a small town in southern Poland. The thing that attracted my attention and made me take a closer look on the place was a toy dog-basketball player put in a fancy swing. On my way through small towns and villages I’d already seen plenty of garden decorations but there was something about the mentioned dog in the swing suggesting that there was something more behind the fence than just ordinary garden sculptures.

Fairytale garden - 1.jpg

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A Creepy Garden (Kamienna Góra, Poland)

When you walk along one the streets of Kamienna Góra (Poland) and look around carefully, you can find an extraordinary and a bit creepy garden near one of the houses surrounding the street. The thing which catches your attention passing through this place is its ‘inhabitants’ – old garden sculptures and toys, including a few ducks, once bright-colored gnomes, a sad Teddy bear and the creepiest one – a doll with a piece of wood instead of the body.

The Creepy Garden - 1.jpg

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The House of Hanging Dolls (Rváčov, Czech Republic)

When you’re passing through Rváčov (Czech Republic), you’ll definitely see a strange house at the end of the village. The first thing which attracts your attention is a huge tree with plenty of dolls hanged on its branches. Going further you’ll see a house with, again, hundreds of dolls and other toys in front of it. Most of them are old and dirty, covered with dust, many are naked, with some parts as legs or hands missing. The eerie toys create an incredibly spooky atmosphere which you can’t forget even long time after leaving this place, as well as all the creepiness there makes you wonder, who and why is keeping such unusual collection?

The House of Hanging Dolls - 1.jpg

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A Pet Cemetery (Vilnius, Lithuania)

An unoficial cemetery for pets in Vilnius. Several small graves decorated with toys, some candles and pets’ photos, as well as theforest surrounding the place create a really unusual atmosphere there. The place is a bit messy—nobody cared to put graves in a few straight lines instead of spreading them everywhere and toys on graves look a bit weird but, despite this, seeing it one thing is sure—those pets were really important to their owners.

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