A Fairytale Corner in the Mountains (Bukowina Tatrzańska, Poland)

It does not happen too often to see a place like this. An oasis of magic and surreality in the desert of ordinariness—that is probably the best way to describe this weird site, forcing to stop everyone who by some reason pass through the area where it is situated. Unusual decorations on the fence as well as some strange details visible behind it wake up the curiosity and invite to enter the gate.

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The Abandoned House ‘What the Vines Are Hiding’ (Poland)

Just another abandoned house patiently counting its last days. Once a cosy place to live, today this cabin is a bit unusual support for vines to get closer to the sky and at the same time one of the greenest sites in a small Polish village where it is situated.

The Abandoned House ‘What the Vines Are Hiding’ (Poland) - 1

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The Abandoned Greek Catholic Church ‘The Dark Temple’ (Poland)

That is just another decaying Greek Catholic church in Southeastern Poland. However, situated in an idyllic Subcarpathian village landscape, it makes the area around even more beautiful and forces to stop for a while to have a look on the great old building. Its grey wooden walls are the witness of the life in the village since more than a century and hide behind an impressive interior.

The Abandoned Greek Catholic Church ‘The Dark Temple’ (Poland) - 1.jpg

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The Abandoned Manor House ‘Lost in the Winter Scenery’ (Poland)

Sometimes it is just a season of the year that makes the place so impressive and lets to see its magic. A sunny December midday was a perfect time to visit an old abandoned manor house hiding in a remote village in Poland. It was surrounded by a huge park, which, covered with a shiny snow, reminded a fairytale scenery, and crossing it was like entering some magic place. All that taken together intrigued to come closer to the old building and have a look on its once beautiful interior.

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The Abandoned House ‘The Final Scene’ (Poland)

One more decaying house, and one more gloomy story. A movie that is going to the end, its final scene, a tragic one, and predicting no ‘happy end’. That is, in a few words, a story of one of a plenty abandoned houses in Poland—no matter how sad, still intriguing to get to know it.

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The Abandoned Palace ‘M’ (Poland)

A breathtaking decaying palace in an ordinary village—that is the common beginning of the story about the last days of the most of such places in Poland. The simplicity of the area even enhances the impression of greatness of these sites, no matter how great they are by themselves, and creates a perfect background for the siginifically bitten by time buildings. An abandoned palace in Southwestern Poland, let’s call it the palace ‘M’, is not an exception in this case, and impresses everyone passing through the area where it is situated.

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The Abandoned Greek Catholic Church (Babice, Poland)

A decaying wooden church and belfry, gloomy even despite the snow surrounding them. That is a sad image of the abandoned Greek Catholic Dormition of the Mother of God church in Babice, a village in Southeastern Poland. Once beautiful temple, today significally bitten by time and little by little getting closer to the ground. Situated on a hill so steep that simply seeing it is enough to become discouraged from climbing up lose any hope to find easier way to reach the top.

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The Abandoned Resort Hotel ‘G’ (Poland)

Nothing more paradoxical than reading on the Internet an attractive offer of a beautifully situated resort hotel when in fact the site is already abandoned. It would be priceless to see the faces of tourists who chose it for the stay but after entering the doors met there no staff and guests, as if they all suddenly disappeared. That is the current situation of an abandoned resort hotel in a town on the south of Poland—still ‘in use’ virtually, it is already waiting for decay to take over it.

The Abandoned Resort Hotel ‘G’ - 1.jpg

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An Abandoned Neo-Gothic Church (Poland)

Not each abandoned site sticks in the mind for so long as this decaying church. Seeing this temple on the photos was more than enough to decide to find it, even despite knowing nothing at all about the place. Thus there was no other way than start some research based on very general and not fully warranted assumptions. Luckily the mentioned guesses appeared to be sharp enough scissors to cut the way through the jungle of information and finally reach this church, situated in one Polish village.

An Abandoned Neo-Gothic Church - 1.jpg

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