Wishing the Bus Would Never Come: Visiting the Beautifully Furnished Bus Stop [Slatiňany, Czech Republic]

You’d never complain about a bus being delayed if you waited for it at the bus stop in Slatiňany, a small town in the Czech Republic. Why? Because waiting there feels as cozy as being at home. Tables, chairs, books, cups, and colorful interior  this bus stop has everything to ensure waiting is as pleasant as possible.

Some time ago, it was just an ordinary, gloomy bus stop. Fortunately, one day, local authorities decided to improve its interior. They aimed to make it clean and attractive for the upcoming local celebration. Besides, it was the most visited bus stop in town, so it definitely needed a better look. The result was stunning: the dark walls were painted in vivid colors, making the place stand out from nearby buildings. While the local authorities financed the painting and light installation, it’s important to mention that local volunteers furnished it with nice old furniture they painted themselves, making the site even more impressive. Such a change to the interior of the bus stop made it look stunning and turned waiting for the bus into an unforgettable experience.

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