Exploring the Morning. A Few Sunrise Painted Landscapes from the Province of Padua [Italy]

It was just another trip to some abandoned site in Italy with an intermediate stop in the early September morning. That is one more time when I just can’t help myself treating a period of the day as some place to visit, and even more—explore. The reason was the ability of sunlight to turn the area into something so stunning that you don’t regret being awake so early and even enjoy the idea of getting out on the train station and having a few kilometres to walk on foot to reach the place where the train doesn’t go. What’s more, the beauty of the sunrise painted route literally forced to make some stops on the way, and the pictures below are the outcome.

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Deep into the Mist. Early Morning on the Way to Geamăna [Romania]

One more trip which was about another dimension of travel than a physical location of the site. Time rather than place, weather and light rather than anything material that could be found there. It’s both easy and difficult to go on such trip. Since it’s mainly about the effects of the time of the day and weather, each direction is good. However, considering it lasts for a very short period of time you can’t take all directions and see the magic of early morning everywhere around. The thing that helped me to choose the way that time was my main destination—Geamăna, an abandoned village in Romania. In order to reach it I had to cross a misty forest hiding some old wooden buildings—the only sign that the area is not completely forgotten.

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In the Colours of Sunrise. Early Morning on the Way to Țaul [Moldova]

The more I travel, the more often I realise how big is the influence that time of day can have on particular site. When I went to Moldova, one of the places that I wanted to see was Țaul, a village located in the northern part of the country. However, as I didn’t find any transport going there, the only reasonable way to reach this site was taking a night train to Tirnova, another village situated a few kilometres away. Having no other choice I did that and finally ended up waiting for the sunrise under one of the very few (if not the only one) streetlights in the settlement. No matter how weird it seemed to be at first sight, it really was worth to go to this place while it was still filled up with thick darkness. Just an hour of waiting, and early sungliht chased away the night covered the area around with the stunning shades of sunrise.

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Chasing the Mist. Early Morning near Pouzdřany [Czech Republic]

My plan on that early October morning was to walk from Pouzdřany, a village in the Czech Republic, to a huge water reservoir nearby and see the first sunshine reflecting on its mirror surface. Not that much divided me from that—just a few kilometres of the forest. However, darkness was too thick and a path crossing it too twisted, so I had to look for another option. I decided to stop for a while to wait for night to fade away and that appeared to be the best idea—early October sunlight and mist turned the area into something breathtaking.

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Taking a Road Through the Unexplored Area of the Pilsen Region [Czech Republic]

A good thing about travelling by trains and buses is that sometimes there’re no connections to the place where you want to go and you have to go there on foot. This is what happened to me on the way to one of the sites I planned to visit in the Pilsen Region (Czech Republic). No trains and buses there made me take a backroad through fields and forests, and that was a perfect occasion to see the less explored part of that area which probably still remains unknown even for many locals.

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