Deep into the Mist. Early Morning on the Way to Geamăna [Romania]

One more trip which was about another dimension of travel than a physical location of the site. Time rather than place, weather and light rather than anything material that could be found there. It’s both easy and difficult to go on such trip. Since it’s mainly about the effects of the time of the day and weather, each direction is good. However, considering it lasts for a very short period of time you can’t take all directions and see the magic of early morning everywhere around. The thing that helped me to choose the way that time was my main destination—Geamăna, an abandoned village in Romania. In order to reach it I had to cross a misty forest hiding some old wooden buildings—the only sign that the area is not completely forgotten.

Probably the most frequent landscape on the way was a foggy field surrounded by the forest and a symbolic fence which seemed to prevent from entering the area and chasing away a magic mist.

As mentioned before, there were a few builiding in the forest. Their condition made wonder if the could be still in use.

However, the area wasn’t as desolated as it seemed at first sight. A few dogs had showed up unexepectly right after they noticed that someone is coming. The small fluffy had been making impression of brave protectors of the area until the very last moment before melting in the mist.

For the conclusion, a few more misty landscapes.


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