Pictures in the Windows. Visiting the Wonderful House of Painter [Czech Republic]

An unknown settlement in the Czech Republic which so small that on some maps it doesn’t even have a name. The only explainable reason to go there could be only that a track leading to the nearby situated Prosička mountain is crossing the area. And what a nice surprise it should be for the hunters of weirdness to find here an old house seeing which simply makes it impossible not to stop for a while and have a look on what is hiding behind its windows.

The thing making this cabin so wonderful is lots of pictures painted by the owner of the place, an old lady, and put on the other side of the glass, as well as lovely figurines which together with previously mentioned paintings create nice compositions. All that taken together looks incredible and intriguing as you get closer to the building.

Probably the most impressive is a window with the poem written by the owner of the house and telling the story of the building as well as how strongly she loves this place. Apart from that there are of course paintings and lovely figurines behind the glass put in amessy way but at the same time so fitting to each other.

Just a quick look to the right, and there’s one more window—decorated in a similar way as the previous one. Another inhabitant of the house, a lovely cat, was patient enough to pose for a moment and in this way turned into the part of the further composition consisting of pictures and figurines. The main detail of this window was a painting of the fox on the snow—so different from the dark ones on the background. Lots of toys created an artistic mess behind the glass.

Another window is inhabited by a roe deer, goat, horse, dog and two monkeys. The boxes of the puzzles behind let assume that there most likely the grandchildren of the old lady spent there quite a lot of time.

There is also a window in the house consisting of four nice portraits of the animals and not only—one of the pictures presents an alien and seeing it makes you think that the visitors from the othe planet have already discovered one of the least known settlements in the country.

Last but not least, a window with the painting of the wolf, different from the previous one, seems to be a bit aggressive. Put near the entrance to the house it looks as it was some kind of the protector of the building.

It’s also worth to mention one more beautiful detail—a wooden fence covered by the painting of a few horses. It looks so real that creates an impression as if there were no barrier there, just the continuation of the overgrown field and elegant steeds pasturing on the wild meadow.

For the conclusion, something that probably describes this place the best—a poem written by the owner of the house and put in one of its windows—so that everyone passing through the place could hear the story of the old cabin hidden among the hills.


There is a small building
among the hills at the foot of Prosička,
the windows are turned in the direction of South,
it looks at the valley.

It remembers a lot,
its history is rich,
it was built
in the year 1803.

Covered by the hill from the North,
the wind will skirt us around,
there is a positive energy here,
and the feeling of safety.

It is a home
among the nature,
a home which is not for sale,
I will live here forever.


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