Welcome to the Wonderland. Visiting the Weird House of Toys [Dobrotice, Czech Republic]

How many times have you been dying from the boredom while waiting on the train station? In Dobrotice (Czech Republic) that wouldn’t happen for sure, even if your train had a few hours delay. The thing making waiting there more meaningful than elsewhere is the former train station and its current inhabitant who turned it into a weird house of toys.

The building is so bizarre that will definitely make you stop  for a while. The surroundings of the house as well as its interior are decorated with hundreds of various toys and railway signs.

Dolls, cartoon characters and other figurines—all that taken together creates a bit scary mix of cuteness and creepiness since some of them are put in weird compositions and are significantly bitten by time.

A quick look on the surroundings which due to lots of previously mentioned toys looks like the wonderland.

Not less impressive is the interior of the house. Similar as its surroundings, the building is full of toys and other stuff.

For the conclusion, a few more weird details which for sure deserve some time in order to have a closer look on them. So, what about skipping the train and taking another one?

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