The Magic of Faded Frescoes. An Abandoned Manor House [Poland]

It was a completely accidental find and definitely the most impressive place seen on that trip to Southern Poland. A small manor house despite its simple architecture had such a beautiful interior that it wasn’t easy to leave the site quickly. Thus it’s worth to have a closer look on what’s hiding behind its walls.

That would be just another decaying manor house if not the breathtaking frescoes inside. Because of them the rooms reminded a fairytale scenery—each wall seemed to be telling some wonderful story.

Not less impressive were the ceilings. Rich of ornaments and other details, they continued the fairytale ‘written’ on the walls.

Together with the previously mentioned frescoes on the walls, they created a stunning interior, unbelievebly luxurious considering rather simple architecture of the manor house.

Apart from the beautifully decorated part, the building had also a few ordinary rooms, completely different from the ones with frescoes. They were almost without any decorations and looked the same as the ones common for most of abandoned places. However, there was still some charm hidden in their decaying walls, and old huge doors didn’t let forget that it was a place with a long history behind.

After leaving the manor house it was also worth to take a few steps further and see another abandoned building situated nearby. It was a much simpler site with rather ‘modern’ interior, but, as it had already been some time since the decay had taken over the site, it also had some charm.

The beauty of this place was hidden in its small and a bit messy rooms. No matter how gloomy, they still remained cosy and even seemed to be inviting to stay there.

It’s also worth to mention a bathroom—blueness of its walls and old inventory turned it into a really atmospheric place, no matter how unusual it may sound speaking about such at first sight ordinary room.

All in all, this building, despite being not as fancy as the manor house, still had some details that forcing to stay there for a while.

The described place is definitely one of those that stuck in mind for a long time after leaving them. The beauty of the frescoes inside almost turned this simple manor house into an impressive palace making this site really difficult to leave. It’s also a perfect example of how misleading first impression may be—who could think that simple white walls can be hiding so much magic.

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