An Abandoned Soviet Hospital [Legnica, Poland]

An abandoned Soviet Hospital in Legnica with the history reaching back the beginning of XX century can be definitely called one of the greatest abandoned places in Poland. This huge hospital complex, built in 1929 by Germans and taken over by the Soviet army after World War II, consisted of several deparments, including Surgery, Infectious Diseases, Psychiatry and other ones.

The thing which takes your breath away being inside is endless corridors making it really easy to get lost in the hospital. The corridors are surrounded by plenty of creepy almost empty rooms—it takes ages to explore all of them. The most famous one is the dissecting-room—some time ago there was even a disscting table but it has already disappeared, similarly as the whole hospital is becoming emptier and emptier, so it’s better to hurry up to see what is still left from that once so great place.

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