Just Another Story About the Beauty in Sorrow. A Stunning Pet Cemetery [Prague, Czech Republic]

I never miss an opportunity to explore pet cemeteries. What I like the most about such places is their specific atmosphere—kitschy and sentimental decorations together with the purpose of these sites turn them into something weird and beutiful—in their own way. After visiting pet cemeteries in Lithuania, Poland (the old one as well as its new part) and Moldova, it was time to visit the one Prague (Czech Republic). Despite the official name ‘Psí hřbitov’, or ‘Dog Cemetery’, there also other pets buried there, even cats—the eternal enemies of dogs. The area is rather small, however, it’s full of graves, and the rest of it is overgrown with trees and bushes. This composition of nature and kitschy decorations as usual turned the place into something extraordinary and inviting to explore it.




The best way to do that is to follow the paths of the cemetery.

Graves are situated along tracks, however, some parts of the cemetery are messy and trying to find each tomb can become a great challenge. On the other hand, this lack of order makes the place even more beautiful.

Let’s have a look on some of the graves.

Different things were used to make graves look nicer, for example, Christmas decorations.

Or even the ones from Halloween.

Or gnomes which usually decorate garden.

Let’s go further.

It looks like some of the pets buried there were treated as family members—they even have surnames.

Continuing speaking about names, Filípek seems to be one of the most popular ones.

Toys put under the glass—quite interesting idea of preventing decorations from bad weather conditions.

Some of graves are huge and look almost the same as the ones on the ordinary cemeteries.

While other ones very symbolic and significantly bitten by time.

Because of lots of greenness around the area reminds a park.

That’s why benches fit there perfectly. Who knows, maybe someone comes to sit there and meet with the beloved pet—at least in the thoughts.

A few more graves and details.

And, for the conclusion, a sentimental detail on the tree–the owners’ hope to meet their beloved ones.


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